Sound Designer Series

Products and listings in this section cater to sound designers and their craft.

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Refractor Audio: Celldweller - Modular Sample Pack (Vol. 02)

Generated and processed through over $100,000 worth of Modular/Analog and outboard gear, including B..



Sink into the tranquil world of “Serenity” and surround yourself with rich cascading pia..


Serum Injection

Serum Injection is an expansive cinematic sound-bank for xfer Serum.Injection consists of 150 patche..


Shangri-La - Organic Elements

Shangri-La“A mystical, harmonious valley”Origin Sound takes you on a journey to Sha..


Smooth FM - Classic Hip Hop Radio

Take a drive with Origin Sound, sit back, relax, and tune into Smooth FM, our sexiest pack to d..


Synth Motions Vol.1 for the TAL - Sampler

Back in the 80s, when Marty McFly and Dr. Emmett Brown were flying around with their DeLorean throug..


Takeshi - Oriental Trap

Origin Sound are proud to present “Takeshi”, our latest release that brings an oriental ..


The Future Bass Blueprint for Spire

6 Deep Rumbling 808’s with Macros to tweak each preset to your liking!3 Mid-range basses perfect for..


Uno LX Vulcan - The Unfinished

Uno LX Vulcan is a collection 150 patches for the wonderful Uno LX synth, developedby Togu Audio Lin..


Unorthodox Trap - Vol II

Origin Sound proudly presents, a dark, contorted bank of audio samples, in the form of Unorthod..


Utopia Vol I

Origin Sound are proud to present “Utopia” – A new world filled with unheard textu..


Vintage Vocals - Movie Cuts & Scratches

Origin Sound have carefully sieved through a selection of classic old films to present Vintage Vocal..


Vintage Waves for Serum

‘Vintage Waves’ is a pack of 120 retro style sounds for Xfer Serum using Waves..


Vinyl Era - Lo-Fi Hip Hop Crates

Origin Sound proudly presents Vinyl Era, an extensive collection of crackly samples that sound ..


Zebra Theta - The Unfinished

Zebra Theta is a collection of 200 patches for u-he Zebra2. Theta is designed to take Zebra bac..


ACE - Ecletic Electronica

Genres: 80s, Pop, Rock, Ambient, Electronica, Chillout 'Eclectic Electronia' contains 1..


Bazille - Mindhackers Notebook

'Mindhacker's Notebook' is a collection of 75 patches for U-He Bazille, with an emphasis..


DIVA - Nostalgic Circuits

'Nostalgic Circuits' is a collection of 130 presets for U-he DIVA, and a gold mine for anyon..