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The Arcadian Series vol1 for DIVA

Road to Arcadia is back with the Arcadian Series vol1 for Diva.Road to Arcadia carefully crafted the..


Timecop1983 - Deckard's Dream - PG8x Patchbank

This soundbank has been created with version 2.0 of the free VSTi PG-8x by MArtin Lueder. Operation ..


Ultimate 80s Synthwave for SYLENTH

New from Retro Thunder - A renowned Synthwave designer. He provides oodles of inspiration.65 Lush pr..


unTIL BEN - Bitwig Production & Preset Pack

 “In this pack, you'll find sounds I used on “Ending Rev”, the EP I relea..


VHS Dreams - The Collection Vol.1 - Tal U NO LX

The Patchbay teamed up with VHS Dreams to bring you a collection of timeless sounds as they appeared..


Waveshaper - Stellar Selections - TAL U NO LX

I'm Waveshaper and here is a handpicked collection of the sounds I have used in my mus..


'Inside the 101' TAL Bassline 101 by Kimik

'Inside The 101' contains over 200 presets made by Kimik for TAL-Bassline-101. The soundbank is made..


'JUNO' TAL U NO LX Soundbank by Kimik -200 Presets

'JUNO' TAL U NO LX Soundbank by KimikThis soundbank is made with all electronic music genres in mind..


ODYSS - Kimik - GForce Oddity Essential Soundbank

 The Odyss set contains 200+ presets by Kimik for GForce Oddity2. Fat subs & punchy basses,..