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Nothing but smooth sailing and smooth beats came from my deals with TPB. Can't wait to see the upcoming artist's packs!
- FourFox
The Patch Bay has not only helped me as an artist, but allow me to support the artists that I love and emulate like Timecop1983 and Michael Michael J Oakley, truly a class act company that goes above and beyond to help both the artists and fans.
- Dan Eachus
"The Patchbay Network has allowed me to connect with my music community in ways I thought were absolutely beyond my reach."
- Soldier Peril
A quick and easy way to connect to your audience
- Bantana
"I couldn't be happier about having my sounds on The Patchbay. Plays, views, sales and fans have increased after hooking up with this place."
- Espen Kraft (Seller)
Artist-focused, TPB works for you and with you throughout every step of your production
- Ben Clarke
I'd sell my grandmother for Patchbay credit if I hadn't already done so.. No seriously - The Patchbay is my go-to shop for the best software expansions - you won't find another more dedicated to customer service and synthwave focused content
- Adam Force
The Timecop1983 pack has been a staple in my music production and led me to learn sound design on the TAL u-no-LX plugin
- Celio (Buyer)
Q. Who are we?

We are The Patchbay, an honest and transparent content management system that gives you full control over your content and services with real-time analytics. 

We allow you to automate your talent and keep it safe behind our network with full PCI Compliance.

Q. What do we do?

We offer you a place to connect artist and listener, client and service, creator and fan, we are you. We bridge the gap and make things easier than ever to create a career and be appreciated by the people who care about what you have to offer.

Q. What's in store for the future?

We are constantly developing, learning and crafting new tools, analytics and ways to sell. Check out our dev blog for specific details on build versions.

Q. How does the platform work?

The Patchbay creates a direct portal between the buyer and seller. When you purchase something from the platform, the vendor receives the transaction instantly into their account. Payments are then sent out in frequent waves. When you buy from The Patchbay you directly support the creator.

Q. What kind of content?

Currently, we offer access to Soundbanks, Smaller Soundbanks, Project Files, Production Packs, Sample Packs, Official Artist Packs & merch.

Q. What kind of services?

TPB also offers services, it allows a safe environment to hire and order an engineer for a specific purpose. Item pages are straightforward and easy to use, and lead times are all within 1 week. Services are communicated and delivered within the messaging system, where revisions and talks are possible about the development of a service.

Q. Is The Patchbay Secure?

A. The Patchbay is behind SSL and is hosted on SSD servers that are PCI Compliant.